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"Written by Engineers for Engineers"

Built on what we do as professional engineers our apps are written to provide both the answer and the underlying theory behind the answer. Each app includes worked examples to help you not just get the answer but to also understand the answer.

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A suite of simple, intuitive, and easy to use engineering apps for the iPhone. Ideal for both engineers and students.

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  • Written by Engineers

    Each app is written by engineers who are experienced in the apps subject matter.

  • Simple to Use

    Each app is designed to be simple and intuitive to use.

  • Consistent Interface

    All our apps are created with a consistent interface to provide a familiar experience.

  • Supporting Theory

    All theory and supporting maths are included within each app.

  • Worked Examples

    Worked examples of each calculation are included within each app.

  • Educate and Learn

    Educate and learn through the supporting theory and worked example included within each app.

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