About Pork Pie Software

Our Mission

"To create useful and educational engineering apps while having fun."

Our Home

We're lucky enough to be based in the coolest capital city in the World... Wellington! The Silicon valley of New Zealand!


Our Passion

We're passionate about writing quality engineering apps that solve real world engineering problems whilst giving the user the opportunity to understand the underlying theory behind the answer. Education is a key part of our mission and as such reference information together with worked examples are provided within each app so they can be accessed regardless of web or wifi connectivity.


Photo Credits: Wellington by Pat Ho on Unsplash

Our Story So Far

From having an idea to enjoying a pork pie we have come a long way in a short time...

  • September 2015

    A discussion amongst engineers raises the idea that a lot of engineering calculations that are undertaken as part of our job could easily be turned into an app as opposed to a spreadsheet...

  • October 2015

    So it begins... Early October whilst eating a porkpie at lunch, and deciding it was more important to start writing apps than over thinking a company name..., we register our company as 'Pork Pie Software'.

  • October 2015

    After finding that the .com domain was already owned we hastily purchased the .kiwi and .co.nz web domains together with creating a basic website on our .kiwi domain. Although we checked if the domain was in use, well typed 'porkpiesoftware.com' into a browser, we did not check if it was already registered.... It was... Enough money had been spent so we ran with the local .kiwi and .co.nz domains...

  • February 2016

    We finally launch our first app Transformer Pie. We are now an app development company!

  • April 2017

    We strike a deal and purchase the porkpie software.com domain.

  • December 2018

    Our apps have been downloaded by users in 35 different countries.

  • January 2019

    We Launch our 10th app, Motor Pie!

  • February 2019

    Our 'porkpiesoftware.com' website goes live!

  • October 2019

    Our apps have now been downloaded by users in 45 different countries! Sweden being country number 45!

  • March 2020

    Our apps have now been downloaded by users in 50 different countries! Ukraine being country number 50!

  • November 2020

    Our apps have now been downloaded by users in 55 different countries! Honduras being country number 55!

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Photo by Hugh Han on Unsplash