Work and learn with Pork Pie Software.

  • Transformer Pie

    Transformer Pie calculates the full load currents and short circuit parameters of transformers. The App has two calculation options available, these being a simplified ‘Quick Calculation’ and more detailed ‘Full Calculation’. Download Now!

  • Power Factor Pie

    Power Factor Pie Power Factor Pie quickly answers all your Power Factor questions. Power Factor: Calculates the Power Factor and Displacement Angle from a provided True Power and Active Power. Power Factor Correction: Calculates the required kVAr Compensation to improve a load’s Power Factor from an Initial Power Factor to a Desired Power Factor. Capacitor Size: Converts the required kVAr Compensation into a required Capacitor Size. Download Now!

  • Generator Pie

    Generator Pie is written to assist you with everyday three phase diesel generator calculations. The following four features are available within the App. Electrical: Calculates short circuit currents, full load running currents and converts kVA into kW and kW into kVA. Fuel: Estimates fuel consumption and assists in tank sizing. Sizing: Assists in sizing and specifying the correct generator to suit the connected load. Acoustics: Assists in the placement of, canopy or container type, generators that need to meet boundary noise conditions. Download Now!

  • Power Pie

    Power Pie helps answers all your Single Phase and Three Phase power calculations. The following three features are available within the App. Power: This feature calculates True Power kW (P), Apparent Power kVA (S) and Reactive Power kVAr (Q). Amps: This feature Converts kW to Amps, kVA to Amps and kVAr to Amps. KW<> kVA: This feature converts kW to kVA and vice versa. Download Now!

  • Motor Pie

    Motor Pie – Motor calculations made easy. The following options are available: Input Power, Output Power, full Load Current, Speed RPM and Radians, and torque. Download Now!

  • Acoustic Pie

    Acoustic Pie assists in undertaking basic acoustic calculations. The App supports four features: Adding equal dB Levels, Adding unequal dB Levels, Calculating sound attenuation at a specified distance and Calculating the distance to achieve a specified level of sound attenuation. Download Now!

  • Penetration Pie

    Penetration Pie calculates the number of conduits, pipes, or other such circular objects, that can fit through either a circular or rectangular penetration. In addition to calculating the number of conduits it also gives the opportunity to have the conduit, or pipe etc., and penetration arrangement illustrated so you can see exactly how they will fit through the penetration. Download Now!

  • Number Pie

    Number Pie assists in converting number bases. The following options are available: Roman to Decimal, Decimal to Roman, Binary to Decimal and Hexadecimal, Decimal to Binary and Hexadecimal, and Hexadecimal to Binary and Decimal. Download Now!

  • Lift Pie

    Lift Pie assists in undertaking and understanding Lift (Elevator) Round Trip Time, Interval and Handling Capacity calculations. It also provides the opportunity to understand the components that make up the classical Round Trip Time formula together with the opportunity to interrogate the individual terms within it. The following options are available within the App: Up-Peak Calculations, Lift Kinematics and Lift Equations. Download Now!

  • Escalator Pie

    Escalator Pie calculates an escalators handling capacity based on providing the Escalators Speed, Step Width, Step Depth, and People Per Step. The App then provides the corresponding handling capacity in ‘Persons per Minute’ and ‘Persons per Hour’. The calculation method is aligned with the methodology provided EN115. Download Now!

  • Light Pie

    Light Pie is designed to help with, and teach, everyday lighting calculations. This App includes the following features: Installation Lifetime calculator, Lux to Foot-candle conversion tool, and a classic Lumen Method calculation tool. Download Now!

  • EV Pie

    EV Pie is designed to help with the charging of electric vehicles. This app includes the following features: Charge Time Estimator, Charging Mode descriptor, and Connector Types identifier. Download Now!

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